Speaking & Presenting

Umar is a confident and engaging public speaker who can present in front of 50-300 people. An effortless presentational style combined with a passion for data visualisation and journalism, creating compelling presentations that inform, educate and entertain audiences across Birmingham and London.

As one of the headline speakers at Tiny Tableau Talks #7, Umar delivered a stunning presentation on “Telling better news stories using Tableau”. Umar is always looking to speak and present at events across the country.

He’s also been a panellist and speaker at the Student Publication Association’s National Conference and Midlands Regional Conference in 2020 and 2021 respectively.

You can email Umar at umarhassanmedia@gmail.com as he is interested in any invitations to present, as well as being a panellist at events across the United Kingdom.

Tiny Tableau Talks #7 – 19/02/2018

Upcoming Events

This section will be updated in due course as of when Umar is available to conduct presentations and present at events across the United Kingdom.

Past Events and Presentations Given

  • 2021 Student Publication Association Midlands Regional Conference (Online) – 02/02/2021 – Spoke about data journalism
  • 2020 Student Publication Association National Conference (Online) – 04/10/2020 – Part of a panel which covered the topic of data journalism.
  • Higher Level Skills Match – October 2018 – Headline Speaker at iCentrum, Innovation Birmingham Campus, Birmingham (Sold out)
  • Tiny Tableau Talks #7 – 19/02/2018 –  RISE London (Sold out – 100 people) – One of six headline speakers at the event – Using Data Visualisation to Make Current Events Newsworthy – Telling better news stories using Tableau.