Speaking & Presenting

Umar is a confident and engaging public speaker who can present in front of 50-300 people. An effortless presentational style combined with a passion for data visualisation and journalism, he is able to create compelling presentations that inform, educate and entertain the audience.

As one of the headline speakers at Tiny Tableau Talks #7, he delivered a stunning presentation on “Telling better news stories using Tableau”. Umar is always looking to speak and present at events across the country.

Email him at umarhassanmedia@gmail.com for more details as he would appreciate any invitations to speak and present at events across the United Kingdom.

Tiny Tableau Talks #7 – 19/02/2018

Upcoming Events

This section will be updated in due course as of when I am available to conduct presentations and present at events across the United Kingdom.

Past Events and Presentations Given

  • Higher Level Skills Match – October 2018 – Headline Speaker at iCentrum, Innovation Birmingham Campus, Birmingham (Sold out)
  • Tiny Tableau Talks #7 – 19/02/2018 –  RISE London (Sold out – 100 people) – One of six headline speakers at the event – Using Data Visualisation to Make Current Events Newsworthy – Telling better news stories using Tableau.