Umar has covered a wide range of beats in his journalism career, including sport, business, technology, and data to name but a few.

Here are a few links to his work being published on different digital newspaper/magazine websites which you can check out below:

HuffPost UK

These 7 Charts Show How The Pandemic Changed One Part Of The UK – 23/04/2021

Birmingham Eastside

Underrepresented communities call for more diversity in video game industry -25/05/2021

Union criticises use of crunch culture in video game industry – 06/05/2021

Online learning: Government sends internet devices for 1 in 20 students in Birmingham – 21/01/2021

Almost half of total budgeted funds in Royal Sutton Coldfield Town Council left unspent in first four years of accounts – 15/12/2020


Stockholm Data Parks announces three new facilities – 12/11/2019

EdgeMicro deploys micro data centers in Southern United States – 31/10/2019

Journo Resources

A Day in the Life of… Amrit Gahir, Journalist at ITV News Central – 24/05/2021

A Day in the Life of… Jane Haynes, Politics and People Editor at BirminghamLive – 20/05/2021

A Day in the Life of… Jim Rosenthal, ITV Sports Presenter – 18/11/2019

A Day in the Life of… Adam Shepherd, Reviews and Community Editor at IT Pro – 11/11/2019

A Day in the Life of… Lewis Warner, Reporter at ITV News Border – 04/11/2019

A Day in the Life of… Louise Goodman, ITV’s Pit-Lane Reporter – 01/10/2019

Mirror Sport

Which WWE Superstars are the most successful in WrestleMania main events? – 02/04/2019


Easter 2019 date: When is Easter – when is the Easter bank holiday? – 27/03/2019

Hawaii volcano news: How scientists PREDICTED Hawaii volcano was on BRINK of HUGE eruption – 27/03/2019


5 Reasons to be Excited about the Huawei P20 – 31/03/2018

What Will 5G mean for Broadband and Mobile Users? – 22/03/2018

India’s Video Games Industry is becoming a Billion-Dollar Market – 17/03/2018


MINI announces crews for 2017 Dakar Rally – 10/11/2016

Osian Pryce: “Luckily it all came along in the end” – 02/11/2016

The Championship That Never Was – Grönholm Loses 2006 WRC Title by One Point – 21/10/2016

Read Motorsport

Mixed fortunes for ABT Schaeffler in Buenos Aires – 07/02/2016

F1 teams and bosses agree engine cost reductions – 20/01/2016

Pirelli’s Tyreless Debate for 2017 – 12/01/2016

Data Visualisation

Umar can also use tools such as Tableau, R, Flourish, and Datawrapper to create data visualisations and dashboards that help make sense of the stories he is telling and communicating to his audience.

You can view his Tableau Public profile, and feel free to have a look at some of the visualisations he has created below in Tableau, ggplot2 and Flourish.


ggplot2 – R