Blogging again, freelancing and new WIP projects

It’s been a long while since I last blogged about anything that came into my head and needed to be written down. While I have had a tough first half of 2019, it has taught me a lot of things that will help me both personally and professionally.

Life throws curveballs at times and when I started freelancing in January 2019, to say it has been a huge learning curve is an understatement. I had to quickly get to grips with negotiating payment rates, invoicing and daily pitch rejection, but these experiences have helped me become a much stronger journalist and media professional.

I’m also working on a few unnamed projects at the moment that I will share with you later on in the post. So what have I been up to?

I’m blogging. Again!


My ideal blogging setup, minus the coffee. Needs more green tea in there. Credit: Free-Photos – Pixabay.

While my website has had over 15,000 views in just four years, I have not blogged enough to share what I have been working on. While I want to produce more content for both my WordPress and Medium blogs, I’m focusing more on quality, not quantity with my posts.

The blog content you will be seeing in the next couple of weeks and months will be centred around learning new data journalism skills. Whether if its going into programming languages such as and Python or using my web design skills to develop data visualisations in JavaScript, the content I am producing will have a crucial part in my professional development.

Also, I will be blogging more about career advice, any content that’s interesting to me from sport, politics and the wonderful world of the media industry.

Freelancing and finding a full-time job


The struggles of freelancing and finding full-time work. Credit: Geralt – Pixabay.

As mentioned at the start, I have been freelancing as a journalist, email marketer and many other things since January while finding my next full-time job within the media and journalism industries.

I often compare freelancing to boxing because there will be days where you’ll be commissioned by publications as well as gaining a new client or two. However, there will also be a week where you’ll suffer from pitch rejection and no client work, which will leave you knocked out on the canvas and having to get back up again.

The trick is when your story idea is rejected by an editor or you don’t gain a client for some work, do not ever see it as a rejection. By reverse engineering the situation, see it as an opportunity to improve. Maybe do more research on your pitch or tweak your elevator pitch, all these small improvements will lead to big gains overtime.

It’s the same thing with finding a full-time job where I have had several interviews with media publishers, broadcasters and marketing agencies. Do not ever be afraid of seeking feedback from an interview as it can help you develop new strategies for tackling the application process in the future. Make some mistakes and learn from them.

There’s also one big thing I have learned from freelancing, experience pays, but always try and get paid for your work. Know your worth and never work for free if you can help it!

New WIP projects and potentially setting up a business?


My workspace does not resemble anything like this. Credit: rawpixel – Pixabay.

While managing the job search and freelancing at the same time, I am also working on a couple of exciting projects at the moment.

I am in the process of setting up a separate unnamed blog, dedicated to snooker and data journalism. A lot of data journalism I find in sport is centred around football, so why not focus it on a sport that is all about numbers and snooker definitely fitted that remit.

Also, I’m working on a new data journalism podcast called “The Bar”, which is currently on hold at the moment but I’m looking to work on this a couple of days a week right now. I wanted to focus on a podcast that is aimed at 18-25-year-olds who want to pursue a career as a data journalist whether they have just left journalism training or university.

If that was not enough, I’m looking into setting up a business too. One of the reasons why I like to stay productive is because rather than take the easy way out, I want to keep learning and doing new things to ensure that I am the best possible version of myself.

That’s pretty much the long and short of this post, but I will be looking to post at least two to three posts a week on my website and Medium blog so keep your eyes peeled for some really cool content coming your way!

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