Makeover Monday 2018 – Week 11- Irish Whiskey Sales

I’m back for another Makeover Monday after a week’s absence due to so many things going on in my life that needed sorting out. Week 10 will be completed later on next week so I can be up-to-date with my entries for 2018.

This week’s dataset caught me by surprise as it’s looking at Irish Whiskey Sales. As someone who hardly drinks any alcohol, this was interesting to see which countries sold the most cases of whiskey.

Original Viz

Original viz

What works

  • Appropriate use of a line chart to illustrate the growth of Irish Whiskey Sales by region.
  • Colour legends are easily identifiable towards the distinct regions.
  • The sub-title instantly tells you what this visualisation is about.

What could be improved?

  • Focus on a clearer colour scheme, the red, green and yellow lines can make it a real challenge for people with colour-blindness.
  • Having labels to identify which region has grown over time would be useful instead of assuming by the reference lines.
  • Remove the colour legends and maybe highlight it in the title to aid the viewer.

My goals this week

  • Keep it simple in terms of my choice of the chart.
  • Start to use reference lines as my y-axis instead of going to the default Tableau setting.
  • Ireland’s whiskey sales declined since 2003 so that was the main angle I focused on my viz.

I had played around with different chart types but it’s another Makeover Monday entry that involves a line chart. However, in the next Makeover Monday entries, I am looking to go outside my bars and line charts and try experimenting with radial bar and sunburst charts depending on the dataset.

With that said, here is my Week 10 entry for Makeover Monday 2018 on Irish Whiskey Sales which involves a famous song by Thin Lizzy in the title…

Whiskey in the Jar

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