Makeover Monday 2018 – Week 8 – Where does your medicine come from?

Another week, another Makeover Monday and Week 8 has a real gem of a dataset as it’s looking at pharmaceutical exports worldwide. Knowing me, I love a challenge and this week is no different to the rule.

Original Viz

Original Viz MM Week 8 2018

What works

  • Packed bubbles are not my cup of tea in terms of best practice with data visualisation although in this case, it illustrates the countries who export the most drugs and medicine very well.
  • The use of purple and grey colours makes the viz very easy on the eye to see which countries export the least amount of pharmaceuticals.

What could be improved?

  • I would look at using a different type of chart to visualise the subject as I’m never compelled to a packed bubble viz.
  • The viz leaves the audience without any questions answered, what’s the story you are trying to tell?
  • With this type of data, a map seems relatively inappropriate as the canvas to the packed bubbles.

My goals

  • Create a nice, simple visualisation as I am pressed for time this week.
  • Experiment with a mobile design (i.e. smartphone layout).
  • Use minimal colour for impact and make the topics the centre of attention.

With that said, I loved exploring the angle of the European Union in which I wanted to make that my main focus for my viz.

When I created the viz, I had found that Germany and Belgium were the top two EU countries who exported the most drugs and medicine. Now, that’s something I did not know about.

Here is my entry for Week 8 of Makeover Monday 2018, which you can view on my Tableau Public profile below by clicking on the picture.

MM 2018 - Week 8 - Drugs and Medicine Exports

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