Makeover Monday 2018 Week 6 – Major League Baseball Demographics from 1947-2016

For Week 6 of Makeover Monday 2018, we had a dataset from the Society for American Baseball Research focusing around Ethnicity in Major League Baseball since 1947-2016.

This was part of the United States celebrating Black History Month as Tableau will be heavily promoting the emphasis on visualising diversity over February.

As I know absolutely nothing about baseball, I must admit this took me way outside my comfort zone.  I’m more used to another bat and ball sport called cricket so I was more than excited to give this dataset a go and see how I could effectively visualise the data.

Original Viz


What I like

  • Nice, concise title that gets right to the heart of the topic.
  • The use of white space particularly with the legends situated in the middle of the visualisation gives it some breathing room.
  • You can tell easily the decline of white baseball players by seeing how the bars fluctuate overtime.

What could be improved?

  • In terms of the colours, there might be better colour palettes that don’t require the use of red and green for colour blindness.
  • The stacked bar charts make it hard for me to identify what’s going on between the minority MLB players (Asian, Black and Latino).

My goals for this week

  • Work more with Table Calculations and LODs as I have never used them a lot for my vizzes.
  • Keep the story as succinct as possible as it’s another simple dataset for this week’s Makeover.
  • Pay more attention to highlighting colours when I’m producing my viz and highlighting my title.

I looked at Rody Zakovich’s Data, Tableau and Me Blog as I was keen to produce a viz with one calculation whilst learning how to shade between two lines. At first, I thought the technique was fairly straightforward until I ran into all sorts of problems regarding my calculations.

Nonetheless, I managed to figure out the problem within my viz without a hitch although I did have some difficulty typing up a title that fitted in with the dataset. I’m pleased I learned a new calculation in Tableau as well as a way of visualising between two lines which I will definitely use in future for appropriate datasets.

Here’s my Week 6 entry for Makeover Monday 2018 which you can view on Tableau Public by clicking the picture below.

Black History Month - MLB Ethnicity

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