You don’t need it now

Over the past few weeks’ as I have fully embraced a minimalist lifestyle, it has given me some perspective into why I used to want things whether if it would be a new game or paying to watch a new film. Instant gratification could only get you so far but I decided to take a stand and tell myself with my newfound mentality “You don’t need it now.”.

In principle, retail therapy is designed to make us feel good when we are feeling low and with that constant cycle, I was dragging myself further into a state of unhappiness. There was one choice I had to make, either stay in this state and not move forward with my life or focus on creating a happy balance between work and life.

I chose the happy balance because it’s important that you don’t obsess about work too much whilst at the same time being able to have time to spend for your friends and family. There are 24 hours in a day and it’s finding that ability to work hard and smart without burning out and collapsing, you have to have some downtime in your life right?

Internet entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk emphasises the importance of being self-aware which is something I am still learning about. That desire to know my strengths and do things that make me happy is an instrumental part of my life as it allows me to enjoy life with so much freedom to do what I want, when I want to. By embracing small, progressive lifestyle changes, they all add up in the long-run to bigger and better achievements.

Most recently, I have been doing a lot of housework which in my past lifestyle would consist of mindlessly surfing the internet for most of the day. Now, whenever I am cleaning up the house, washing the dishes or practising self-care, I take a moment to express the deep gratitude I have for having my basic rights of shelter, food and so much more being fulfilled in my everyday life.

It’s incredibly important to remember the next time you buy the latest new gadget or anything from a shop, have a good think about how that purchase will help you achieve the things you want in life. Don’t complain about why your best friend is successful, stop complaining and start doing things which give you happiness! Less talking, more action!

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