Makeover Monday Week 48 – The World as 100 people

After an unexpected near-two month break from Tableau and Makeover Monday, I am back for Week 48. It’s the 100th week for this amazing weekly social data project which is growing so fast so thank you Eva and Andy for giving me the opportunity to make Monday the best day of the week to start vizzing!

For this week’s Makeover Monday, the data is looking at the world representing 100 people which is a fitting subject to look at as it’s the 100th week of Makeover Monday.


The world as 100 people


  • Nicely organised labels which tell you the different sections of each heading (i.e. phones, poverty etc.)
  • On each section, it has a description explaining briefly about the world as 100 people.


  • All the charts I have seen seem to add up to 100% on it’s own, instead of having one full chart.
  • Too many colours on one chart which can make it difficult to see what is going on with each section.
  • The chart is very busy and would definitely benefit from focusing on one angle, rather than multiple angles.


  • Keep it simple.
  • Experiment with using a new chart whilst making sure it has relevance within the topic.
  • Creating a mobile-friendly visualisation that’s accessible for all smartphones.

Whilst I have been inactive from Makeover Monday, I was inspired by Charlie Hutcheson’s recent work, which gets right to the point of the story whilst keeping the visualisation as simple as possible.

With that said, here is my Makeover for Makeover Monday Week 48, which you can view on Tableau Public by clicking the picture below.

Dashboard 1

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