The power of creating your own content

It can be hard as a recent media graduate to get that “foot in the door” of securing your first job. However, what I have learned is the importance of creating your own content as a way of marketing yourself instead of applying for every job under the sun and coming with nothing.

As someone who has had various work experience and freelance opportunities over the past four years, I believe creating your own content has more impact than what you have done on work experience. It’s two and a half months since I graduated, but staying busy and producing content adds to your portfolio.

It’s important when you have an employment gap that you sell yourself what you have undertaken in that period. For example with me, it has been networking, blogging and upskilling myself in areas where there might be skills shortages in certain industries because it shows I’m aware of future skills companies will be looking for.

Writing this blog post has made me realise about wanting to help others achieve their future career in the media. Whilst I will share my passion for sport, dataviz, music, gaming, news and a whole host of other things I do in my spare time, it’s amazing to see how my website has evolved over the past two years.

I have seen websites over the years who lack commitment, but if you are not passionate about your content, that commitment will wane. Treat it as if you had a full-time job and that is to create compelling content. Once you have a schedule of blogging or creating content, the success does follow.

Journalists, content creators and media producers! Start making your own content because it has the power to not only sell you, but also potentially land you a job!

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