London TUG September 2017 – Spellbinding

In the many years I have attended networking events, nothing comes close to a Tableau User Group. As my first London Tableau User Group was a fantastic experience for me in July, it was a no-brainer to come back for the September edition of London TUG and it was definitely worth the trip in from Birmingham!

I am glad I attended this London TUG because the line-up of speakers was astounding with the likes of BravoSolution’s Graeme Wiggins, Novozymes’ Kirstin Lyon and JLL’s Paul Chapman speaking on the night. This was also a chance to meet with people I had not already met in the Tableau community and connect with individuals who are passionate about the product.

Once I got myself into Tableau’s UK HQ in Southwark, London, I managed to spot Graeme from a mile away and immediately we got networking. I was fascinated by his story and how he got to where he is today with BravoSolution. It was not until I got up into Tableau’s UK HQ and got my networking hat on in which I was reunited with my community again.

The big highlights of the night were meeting the two Pauls, Paul Banoub and Paul Chapman. My dreams had finally come true because they are two people I have immense respect for with their Tableau work and seeing Chapman’s bowtie was a bonus which warranted a picture that I will keep for the rest of my life!

Paul Chapman and Me

When it came to the speakers, I could not help but be in awe of the amazing knowledge being shared over the past few hours. As Kirstin was the first speaker of three, it was amazing to hear about how Novozymes deploy Tableau.

Kirstin London TUG presentation

What I found fascinating from the presentation Kirstin gave out was how successful implementation depends on three core principles. Tech, process and people to sustain good Tableau community management which is part of Novozymes’ DNA in getting communities together.

Graeme Wiggins presentation

Graeme was the penultimate speaker of the night and I found it interesting how BravoSolution use effective frameworks for designing and deploying dashboards for it’s 650+ clients globally. What intrigued me was that formats and multi-language support are challenges that Bravo face at the moment because of the ways certain countries format dashboards which is something I will take into consideration for my work.

After a short break, it was Paul Chapman who took centre stage for the final presentation of the night and I was hooked from start to finish. 250 slides in 30 minutes for the #Data17 Conference in Las Vegas, USA. Seeing his career progression and the way that Tableau has changed his life cemented why I want to pursue a career in Data Analytics.

Paul Chapman presentation

The question of “Can Tableau Change Your Life?” was fascinating because again its dependent on the answer itself. As someone who has used Tableau Public for a year, its certainly changed my life but for others, its more subjective. Then again, the question completely depends on your interpretation of it which Paul demonstrated in great detail.

I was spellbound by the speakers who were exceptional for the September edition of London TUG. It’s something I will continue to keep attending because it’s given me a voice in the community that is going to prove useful when it comes to doing presentations. Thank you once again to David Pires, Paul Chapman, Nick Bignell, Sarah Bartlett, but a massive thank you goes to Paul Banoub.

Whilst I have never met Paul in person prior to last night, I can say that you are someone I respect in the community highly and you are going to be hugely missed on the organising team for London TUG. You continue to inspire people like me who want to forge a career in this industry and without your tireless support, London TUG would not be what it is today. Thank you Paul.

Paul David and Me

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