The game has changed – an addiction to long-distance running

It’s not very often I talk about something that has benefited my health, but if there has been one thing over the past five years that has given me that competitive drive and determination to go the extra mile, it would have to be my love of running.

Whilst I started running over five years ago, it would be fair that I was a more competent swimmer than a runner. As time went on, it was not until this year that I took my running seriously and purchased a 12-month subscription to Strava Premium a few months into 2017 that turned me from occasional runner to half-marathon contender.

You are probably thinking why did you take your running seriously now whilst I was in the last laps of finishing my university degree? The reason was to keep myself motivated whilst completing my dissertation and project. It’s so easy to be consumed in something as I am finding out with my first graduate job hunt that it was important I had a hobby that was a long-term commitment and long-distance running was exactly that.

As I continue to avidly run, I am looking to do a half-marathon, as well as plenty of 10k runs over the next year to help build my endurance and stamina. I will be the first to admit that there are days when I am quick and days when I’m off the pace, but that’s the beauty of it. It’s you against the clock and doing those runs help keep me sane during the day.

The fact is running has ensured that I very rarely spend time at home and prefer to go outdoors more often. Whilst aiming to work in the media and analytics industries in which I spend most of my time on screen-based technology, that has helped me to concentrate for longer periods of time. I still have the gym to balance out the running and I cannot live without a day of exercise now compared to my younger years!

If you are sitting at home doing nothing with yourself, I would recommend running because it’s not a matter of how far you can run but test to see how you can push your own limits. The most important thing it’s free and there are plenty of running apps around that you can use to get you off your couch and running 10k in months.

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