Hitting rock bottom and getting back up again

In life, you have extraordinary highs and almighty lows, but when you are faced with something that completely knocks you back so much, you ultimately hit rock bottom. Your confidence goes and you are left with nowhere to go, which is what happened to me this week.

Not that rock bottom from The Rock…..

I had been consistently going with the graduate job hunt since last December and whilst I have had telephone and face-to-face interviews with little success, that frustration which had built up inside of me led to my mental breakdown a few days ago. By that point, the feelings of worthlessness and helplessness started to build.

However, I knew I did not want to feel like this in the short-term because I had reached rock bottom that I had nothing to lose and everything to gain from this lowest point in my life. It was not that I had been trying hard enough or expanding my portfolio by sharpening my skills, there was a more deeper meaning behind my attempts to find my first job.

Would this deter me from continuing to do the things I love such as Tableau, data visualisation, journalism and so much more? No! What this moment in my life has taught me is you have to get so far outside your comfort zone to get to where you want to be in your life.

Finding that first job is a never-ending battle and when you are spending so much time networking and applying for jobs online, you can feel your confidence hit lows you would never expect to hit. Now, what do you do now? You think outside the box and find innovative solutions to obtaining that first graduate job. There’s nothing to lose with standing out from the crowd and getting your voice heard.

Building your brand takes years and years to achieve and whilst success will not come overnight, finding ways to get a foot in the door has become my main mantra now. I have to believe in my own abilities as a Freelance Journalist and Data Analyst that I can fit into that company or agency and be a breath of fresh air as an open book. That is not to say I am looking heavily into other areas too for my first job.

The support of my friends, lecturers and networks are so influential for picking me up when I am down in the dumps. With their support and advice, it reassures me that other people in my position can rise above my situation and conquer the world. Knockbacks are temporary, it’s how you get back up that matters most.

The time for stressing stops now, it’s time to take this week as a learning curve and start a new week ready to take everything in positive strides. In times of adversity, its time to shoot for the stars and never look back because what do you have to lose when you start to reinvent yourself?

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