Officially a Graduate from Birmingham City University

It still feels surreal that I have officially Graduated from Birmingham City University in Media and Communication (Journalism) on Monday 24 July 2017. Trying to comprehend everything that happened on the day would be next to impossible but I will summarise my graduation experience as best I can.

Arriving a couple of hours before graduation, I signed in and got on my robe and mortar which was a proud moment to see in front of my parents. The next thing after that was the official photograph which was done at the right time as the queues were not long so I got my photo straight away and that is when the mass amount of selfies took place!

Seeing my fellow course mates graduate and speaking directly to them was a fantastic moment. It is those moments that always remain fresh in your memory box for the rest of your life and the smiles on everyone’s faces definitely showed why I made the right choice to study at BCU.

When I entered the Symphony Hall, the Birmingham Conservatoire opened proceedings with an incredible set. This set the wheels in motion for what was to come next when the Chancellor Lenny Henry came out. In his usual Dudley gusto, Henry was hilarious from start to finish and really made every single Graduate proud of what they have accomplished.

The long claps commenced as the Doctorates, Masters and Bachelors came onto the stage, it was my turn next to grace the stage and when my name was called out by Professor Diane Kemp, I shook the Chancellor and Dean’s hand so well, you could say that was one of my finest handshakes I have ever done in my life. That’s when the realisation hit and I was now a Media and Communication Graduate from BCU.

After the ceremony was over, the selfies from the Media lecturers were taken in vast quantities and I cannot help but say I thank every single one of you for inspiring me (especially Paul Bradshaw, Ross Hawkes, Dave Harte, Neil Hollins, Diane Kemp, Bob Calver) to go into my future career in the media and analytics. I promise I will not lose touch with you all!

What’s next for my career you are probably wondering? I’m still doing the journo stuff, as well as data journalism, analytics and a whole host of other stuff I do in my spare time. Hopefully, there will be a chance that I will have my first job, but that will come with time. Patience is key and I have persistence in vast spades! Well done to everyone who has graduated, you have all deserved it!

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