Visualising Depeche Mode’s Album Chart Performance in the UK and Germany

DM DashboardThis was a dataset that nearly took forever to find something useful to tell a story with as I was trying to find suitable stories to tell in the visualisation. But after a lot of chopping and changing after wrangling the data for a few months, I decided to focus on Essex’s own Depeche Mode and look at their album chart performance in the UK and Germany.

With that said, I have been a Depeche Mode fan for quite some time although the only track I knew from the band was “Enjoy the Silence”. However, after listening to “Violator” twice this week from start to finish and enjoying the album wholeheartedly, it inspired me to create this viz.

My aims for this viz

  • Stick to using barbell charts as they are the cleanest way of displaying music positional data rather than use line charts.
  • Focus on creating a theme around the subject topic by using a purple colour scheme in the background as used in the Songs of Faith and Devotion album cover.
  • Keep the viz simple and try to maintain a clean design throughout the dashboard.
  • Use images to illustrate a point and tell the user what is going on rather than have an image for each barbell chart.

As this viz did not take very long to do, I am starting to find my niche in terms of working with musical data and this viz is no exception to the rule. I am eventually coming up with some concept ideas to do a music viz every Wednesday to see how I can visualise music data in various ways other than using barbell charts. I cannot believe its taken me so long to visualise a dataset on Depeche Mode but I got there eventually!

Here is the final viz which you can view and interact with on Tableau Public below by clicking on the image.

DM Dashboard

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