Makeover Monday Week 24 – The Tate Collection – Turner or Not Turner?

I must say this week’s Makeover Monday dataset was something I never expected as it was on data from The Tate Collection. As the data was focusing on how much of the collection was owned by Joseph Mallord William Turner, it was a logical decision to focus my entry this around the topic.

But firstly, I will do my usual review of the original viz to see what I like and what I don’t like about the viz.

Original MM WK24 viz

What I like:

  • Proportionally-sized pie chart.
  • The viz does what it says on the tin in terms of how much of the collection was owned by Turner and other artists.
  • Easily identifiable to see what percentage of The Tate Collection was owned by artists and Turner.

What I don’t like:

  • The colour scheme is unimaginative and having red in a viz can affect people with colour blindness.
  • What is the viz trying to tell me in terms of its main context?  Is it just a pie chart with numbers?
  • Maybe think about the type of viz you could visualise with and refocus the chart with a clear context on the story.

My main aims for this viz:

  • This week’s Makeover Monday, I really wanted to go into Level of Detail calculations as its something I have not done in great detail.
  • Focus on making the viz tell a story without making the audience go through the effort of finding out what I am telling with my charts.
  • Work with different colour palettes to see what blends in with the dataset I have.

I was inspired for this week’s Makeover Monday entry by Pooja Gandhi, which used a LOD calculation to visualise her chart for Artist ID. I wanted to do something a bit different and look at the Accession Number of those paintings.

I must say I found this dataset very difficult to find a story out of the data but I enjoyed the challenge very much as it challenged me to go completely outside my Tableau comfort zone of bar charts and now barbell charts and create a viz that has challenged me to produce something. Thank you Eva Murray for the dataset this week, I absolutely enjoyed it!

Here is my Makeover of the viz which you can view in Tableau Public below:

Turner or Not Turner-

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