Makeover Monday Week 20 – Youth Employment in South American Countries

This week’s Makeover Monday was very different to past Makeover Monday entries as this will be the last entry before I head off to Portugal for a week in the Algarve for some sun and relaxation. How lovely!

In terms of the background for Makeover Monday Week 20, entrants could decide on doing a Makeover Monday viz or a #VizForSocialGood entry or do both. As I decided to do both, I have decided to keep the Makeover Monday viz simple enough so that I could focus on creating a separate #VizForSocialGood viz.

The dataset I had worked with came from the IDB SIMS (Labor Markets and Social Security Information System), which gave me the challenge of creating a viz about the youth employment labour market in Latin America and The Caribbean. Here is the original viz below:

Original MakeoverMonday WK20 viz

What do I like about the viz?

  • It’s fully interactive and you can see the different segments of the doughnut chart.
  • Simple, but effective use of chart which illustrates the viz nicely.

What I do not like about the viz?

  • It’s unclear what each segment is in the doughnut chart, adding labels to each segment would help.
  • Whilst the doughnut chart adds up to 100%, it does not communicate the main story in a way that someone would easily identify the story told.
  • The colour scheme seems to be very distracting as its a chart from, which the blues and reds add very little to the doughnut chart.

Inspiration for this week’s Makeover Monday entry

This week took me into the unknown as I did my first-ever diverging bar chart. Immediately, I looked at Andy Kriebel’s YouTube tutorial (view below) which I was recommended by Pablo Gomez of Points of Viz on how to create a diverging bar chart. That did not work as the calculations I tried came out with errors.

What did I do next? I looked at Charlie Hutcheson’s Learning Tableau Blog dissection of creating diverging charts with a central axis. This solved a problem I had creating diverging bar charts as it was done without using a single calculation. Maybe next time, I need to learn how Tableau calculations and Level of Detail as that is something I want to learn to take my skills to the next level.

Here is my Makeover!

This was another tough week creating this dashboard for Makeover Monday, but I eventually got there in the end after a lot of iterating. Thank you to Pablo for the feedback, and Eva for a dataset that really challenged me to create something I had never done before.

You can view this viz, which is interactive on my Tableau Public account below. The viz looks at youth employment in South American Countries, which is the main focus from what was a Latin American and Caribbean-focused dataset.

Youth Employment in Main South American Countries


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