10 Fast Facts about me

As most people are aware of in the Tableau community on social media, as well as data journalism and my own friendship circles, not a lot of people know about me in terms of my interests, personality and the things I am currently working on at the minute. Here’s 10 “fast facts” about me:

1. I am a journalist, specialising in sport, politics, current affairs and data. My work has been featured on local and national online and print media outlets.

2. Data visualisation – Going back on my first fact about me, I love working with data visualisations as a data journalist, using Tableau, as well as my recent discoveries with R and SQL to generate all sorts of visualisations.

3. Motorsport – You will always find me on the street discussing about F1, BTCC, WRC, WEC, Formula E, MotoGP, British Superbikes and more, alongside my love of Mika Hakkinen.

4. Fitness – I train four to five days a week in a gym or in the outdoors, running, cycling, swimming, as well as doing other sports to keep myself in tip top condition.

5. One of my goals is to compete in the Le Mans 24 Hours endurance race.

6. My music tastes tend to cover a wide range of artists and genres. From the 90’s with Suede and S Club to the really old school works of Ian Dury, Thin Lizzy, Motorhead and David Bowie.

7. Travelling and commuting I find are really relaxing and opens my mind to the world around me.

8. I love The Sopranos although I am yet to get through all six seasons of the show.

9. Ever since I bought an iPhone SE last year, I love Apple products and their simplicity to get from A to B instantly.

10. I love attending art galleries, art shops and museums in which I am mesmerised by the work produced by Bob Dylan and Bowie.

That’s me in 10 fast facts although I do have a lot more interests that expand beyond those of what I have mentioned here. Hopefully, it’ll help you people to know me a lot better when it comes to meeting me in the virtual and physical world.

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