MED6103: Final Project – F1 Data Dashboard

As I’ve spent the majority of the past few weeks discussing about my Tableau #MakeoverMonday attempts, I haven’t paid enough attention towards showing the type of work I have done in my final year at Birmingham City University on the BA (Hons) – Media and Communication (Journalism) course. Today is that day it stops completely and I get to discuss about a final project I have been working on during the first semester of my final year at Birmingham City University.

For MED6103: New Media Incubator, I had to plan and design a final project that showed that the skills I’ve learned during the past three years of doing New Media modules showed that I was able to put the skills I have learned into practice by demonstrating an ability to be a life-long learner. When I filled in my Skills Audit, I wanted to brush up on my WordPress skills, but logically in terms of making a Formula One Data Dashboard, it seemed more obvious for me to learn about Angular.JS than WordPress when I pitched my idea in a presentation before making the project.

I was inspired to create a data dashboard, looking at Nick Moreton’s CodePen for his Angular Data Counter Directive Pen as a layout inspiration. This gave me an idea of how I wanted to create my data dashboard because everything was laid out in a way that told the story clearly and effectively. Immediately, I got straight to designing my dashboard in Adobe Illustrator.

Once I found a design I liked, I immediately got straight into the production process by coding the data dashboard in CodePen. I spent a lot of my time learning Angular through Code School, which helped me to get a grasp of Angular during each week I was learning. The tutorials proved really useful for me as I slowly got the grasp of using Angular for my project.

However, I hit problems during the final phase of the project when the data was not outputting in the boxes, which created a big problem as I did all the hard work week-after-week with the module only to hit a problem at the end of production. However, it was not as big of a problem as I expected as the $scope.records string in Angular fixed my problem of outputting the data onto my dashboard to which the final project was completed.


The finished piece – Formula Data Dashboard

It took over 100 hours to create this finished piece, but I am so pleased with how this turned out as it took a lot of effort to make this from a concept design to a fully-fledged data dashboard. Learning Angular.JS has given me more goals to work on in 2017 with data dashboards because I’m always looking to improve my skills in Angular whether that’s through video tutorials and remembering how to code in Angular or developing a data dashboard I am working on in the JavaScript framework.

New Media has given me a chance to become more comfortable in using different web programming languages, as well as using Content Management Systems for the journalism work I will produce in the future. Doing these modules has developed me into a journalist that can not only write, source and produce content, but also design and create things that I would never have expected myself to do.

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