First Makeover Monday – Week 3: @RealDonaldTrump dataviz

Yesterday, I started my first Makeover Monday session in Tableau, which was an exciting but daunting experience. It got me thinking about reflecting on each week of doing Makeover Monday through the stories I tell with my visualisations.

This week’s Makeover Monday Week 3 was an opportunity to look at finding a story through @RealDonaldTrump’s Twitter account and the amount of tweets the President-elect has tweeted. It was not an easy task by any means due to the fact that I found potential multiple stories in the Excel spreadsheet.


Credit: BuzzFeed

Having briefly looked at the BuzzFeed story on the 294 Twitter Accounts Trump tweeted during the Presidential Election, here were my thoughts on the visualisation.


  • Clearly laid out in terms of the accounts Trump has retweeted during the election.
  • Identify the highest number of retweets compared to the lowest retweets using circle dots easily.


  • It’s not interactive, which means that the viz does not engage with its audience.
  • There could be a better way of visualising the data using dots without making it too complex for the audience.

My Makeover Monday viz (click on picture)


  • What I tried to do as part of my makeover was to focus on Trump’s Twitter habits through the Twitter mobile applications.
  • I focused on the time of day, as well as his most retweeted tweet through Twitter for Android, Twitter for Blackberry, Mobile Web (M5) and Twitter for iPhone.


  • The visualisation is interactive to the point where users can find out about Trump’s Twitter mobile application habits easily.
  • Good range of visualisations that show what the main story is about.


  • I did not stay within the hour limit for the makeover viz, which was disappointing for a first-timer.
  • I need to make sure I spend more time considering what kind of viz is appropriate for the story I am doing with the dataset I have.

As it was a tough first week to start my Makeover Monday in Tableau, it did give me something to reflect and learn on for next time. Sometimes its absolutely fine as a Tableau Beginner to fall at the first few hurdles as I found this week, but I’ll keep soldiering on and continuing my Tableau journey.

Andy Kriebel and Eva Murray, who are well known in the Tableau community are two great people to get feedback from my vizzes, as well as many other Tableau users. First week of Makeover Monday is done and its time to continue the learning process.

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