Pushing the limits a little too much

Workaholic on the floor

It’s been quite a while since I last wrote here, so apologies for that, bogged down with uni work as usual. However, for the last two weeks, I was working flat out without ever having a day off, which is good if you’re a workaholic, but bad for your social life. This week, it was a struggle for me, not for motivation, but to do a lot of work in a set time, which made me think about the perilous dangers that come with overworking.

On average, I usually do 42 hours of study, including placements and a job, which is what I would do per week. Not exactly great in terms of having the work/life balance, but I was doing that pretty much every uni week. So it got me thinking, if I work that hard every day, I’m going to burn out faster than a rocket.

Broken Rocket

This made me change the way I work and got me to understand that although doing a lot of work is great, having the freedoms of life is so vital to my wellbeing.

I thought about it methodically and with a bit of support from my mates, I knew that I needed to devise a plan where I do my work and at least have a manageable social life because if I didn’t achieve those goals, I would end up with nowhere to go but work constantly. So here’s my short, but sweet guide to ‘Living life responsibly without working over the limit’.

1. Make a date for your day off and stick to it

I was a major offender of this and quite rightly so, everyone needs a day off and by having one day of the weekend off (Saturday or Sunday), this would allow me to take a breather and do things I enjoy without having to stress too much about the pile of work I would have to do.

2. Keep a diary of what you’re going to do in the day and revise plans if needed

I always find it difficult keeping track of stuff I need to do, which is for the modern day media professional unacceptable. By writing down what I need to do today and making my day as realistic as possible, then I can start to work to a manageable level and if plans do change, try and make sure you fit them around the schedule so stress doesn’t build up.

3. Be realistic!

For someone that works above the limit of others, setting yourself ambitious goals is always been something in me since I was born. I always loved competition, but competition can be a bad thing. Being realistic helps you to stay grounded without showing any arrogance at all to your peers, which can be a detriment to your social life, as well as your work ethic.

This week has made me think more highly about the dangers of pushing the limits of how far you can work before you burn out. It’s made me more aware of the fact that if you work too hard, then you’ll end up burning out faster than McLaren’s dog of a car, the MP4-30. An important life lesson learnt, don’t work too hard otherwise you’re social life ends up being a distant memory and work becomes the only thing on your mind.

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