Be yourself and getting that blogging feeling again

It never really feels like I have gone away from blogging about myself, but as time becomes ever more constrained for me due to uni work and the work I do with Scratch Media and The NUBI Hub, it feels as if I have consigned myself to doing more work and less play. But, its not made me a dull boy just yet!

Blogging is an art which I haven’t exactly mastered despite being a blogger for a few years now. I’ve blogged mostly about motorsport and my time at BCU. However, I kind of want to get back into a constant flow recently about writing what I like and dissecting the finer things in life, as well as experimenting with different interests I have.

If you still don’t know who I am, these five bullet points will tell you everything about me!

  • I’m in my second year at Birmingham City University, studying the Media and Communication pathway, specialising in Journalism.
  • I have written for Scratch Media, NUBI Magazine, Birmingham Eastside, The Irish World, The Asian World and more!
  • I love sport (not cricket or baseball!)
  • Gaming, and anything to do with technology and the environment.
  • Creative Writing and Poetry.

That’s me summed up in five short points, but it leads onto the topic of “being yourself”. While I have Asperger’s Syndrome, which most people don’t know about, it makes it particularly difficult for people like myself to come across to people in a respectable manner. Whilst I have struggled in my early years to make friends and contacts, I have felt that now I can confidently make friends instantly and maintain them. But it’s not all plain sailing.

Living at home during uni can be really difficult for me to keep in touch face-to-face with my friends, but social media is so accessible despite not being my first point of contact for speaking to people. However, with the workload I have now, its very difficult for my friends to see me in the flesh because I’m either in the School of Media reception or in the brand new Curzon Library Silent Study Area. I must say, those two areas are my lifesavers!

I hope to at least try and keep the blogging streak going and for the people that respect me for who I am, thank you so much for supporting me through thick and thin. You are amazing!


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